“I have had Mike Lopez trim my trees in my large yard three times now and each time he trims the trees they look natural and the most amazing part is the yard always looks CLEANER than it was before he got there. He never damages my plants under the trees and does not even damage the baby tears in the yard. His crew is superb and they swarm the yard and get the job done fast and efficiently. I will always ask Mike Lopez to trim my trees because he cares and the trees are happy after he is done!”


“Lopez Tree Service cut down two big trees in our front yard that were very close to our house and fence and tangled within the phone and electricity wires and absolutely noting got damaged. They took out the tree stumps and we now have a place to plant a garden. They had about 6 guys swarming around and the entire yard AND the street were cleaner than it has ever been. They were super fast and super nice guys!.”